Len Cadwallader introduces Bob Keene to tell us about the Red Logan Dental Clinic in Hartford, VT
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The Zoom Room opens at 11:45 AM.  At noon, after the Pledge of Allegiance and opening remarks from David Allen, Len will introduce our speaker
Todd Allen, this year’s co-leader in the bell-ringing initiative, announced the details for the Early Bird Bell Ringing event that was held last Friday, an event that undoubtedly led to Dartmouth’s victory over Princeton. Todd also outlined this year’s plan for fund-raising for LISTEN, noting that it will include a special event on December 3 followed by “live” bell-ringing Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. He reported that last year’s bell ringing videos will be augmented by new ones and encouraged everyone in the club to find a way to participate in this event. 
Finally, and most importantly, Todd reminded club members that our club was successful last year because members “primed the pump” by contributing to the fundraising in advance by redirecting the dollars they WOULD have spent on lunch at Jesse’s into our pool of matching funds. He announced that such an opportunity exists THIS year as well, reminding the 25+ in attendance that collectively they saved over $400 in meal costs today! The link to the Kickstart campaign can be found HERE.  
Len Cadwallader gave a Happy Dollar for Dartmouth College selecting one of his trees to be used for the green this year. 
Dick Podolec offered a Happy Dollar for Dartmouth’s last minute victory at Harvard. 
Heather Drinan introduced Dartmouth’s Director of Campus Planning Joanna Whitcomb who provided us with a very comprehensive overview of the college’s future building plans. She shared slides that provided an illustration of how the campus has expanded since 1840 and what the future might hold as it builds out the former golf course. She offered an overview of the 60-page Strategic Master Plan, whose goals are to engage the campus and the community, to develop a common language for the elements of the plan, to create and generate many options for the future, and provide the details the college administrators will need to proceed with the planning, which currently includes a 500+ page tome on the college’s infrastructure details.
During the course of her talk, we learned that: Dartmouth follows a 30-year planning cycle; Dartmouth owns over 500 rental properties in the Upper Valley; the “deep renovation” of a dorm requires the closure of that space for 15 months; that the fraternities and sorority houses are not the property of the college but rather are privately held; and that decisions on enrollment levels are made by the college administration.  
November 17 – Todd Allen will introduce Erica Hoffman-Kiess of the Green Mountain Economic Development Corporation
November 24 – THANKSGIVING EVE: No Meeting
December 1 – Tom Csatari introduces DHMC Human Resources leaders who will describe the challenges they face in staffing. 
December 8 – David Allen introduces David Fritz of the Scotland House in Quechee
December 15 – Bruce Atwood introduces Linda Fowler who describes the future plans for Pine Park
December 22 - Todd Allen introduces Eric Garr from Consolidated Communications to offer some insights into the infrastructure challenges in our region. 
As the new year approaches, we will be looking for speakers to fill out our schedule. Please offer any ideas you have so that we can get them lined up early! 
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